Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cathcin' on like wildfire...

okay... 100 for 2008

1. I thought i would be this awesome lonesome traveler, but i really do like people.
2. I thought Spanish would be easy to learn, but God's given me a humble spirit--it's hard... but I am learning more everyday..
3. I am starting to really like blogs (writing, checking other people's, etc) and I kind of resent it.
4. I hate cell phones. Mine is broken and I kind of love it.
5. I can't believe how awesome my family is. It was beyond amazing to spend Christmas with them.
6. I am a pack rat and I hate it. I always try to be so diplomatic, but I always end up with more than I need.
7. I don't need as much as I want or think I need.
8. I really want to do something purposeful, but I am learning the most purposeful things are those I am doing right now.
9. I have a BEAUTIFUL sister with an INCREDIBLE voice, and sometimes I am a little jealous (in a not-so-bad way). :)
10. My parents are so in love and makes me so happy and believe in Love.
11. I love being single and young and free--as immature as that makes me, I am okay with it! :)
12. I sometimes feel bad for my mom because I know she wants grandchildren really bad, and she's got AUbs and I .. haha
13. I LOVE stationary and I buy cards all the time and store them for "that special occasion"!
14. I love playing the guitar, but I am not very good.
15. I love reading and have probably 60 lbs of books here with me in Spain. It's ridiculous, I know...
16. When I have been traveling, I have realized I would rather sit and talk with the people in the park or go to some random protest than visit the so-called "must-sees."
17. I was REALLY sad to leave home this time, maybe more than ever before.
18. Now that I am back in Spain, I am REALLY excited to be here, too!
19. I love flowers. Not bought--hand-picked...
20. I love the outdoors. Sports, walking, reading, talking... outside makes me happy...
21. I really don't like cold weather. I am just not very productive--all I want to do is nuzzle by my heater and read and drink hot tea...
22. I have a secret burning desire to act. I would probably suck, but i like thinking about the things those guys have to think about.
23. I love my friends, but I really don't let them know it--sorry, guys...
24. I want to be someone that people just like to be around like Dad, but I am just too prideful sometimes.
25. When I watched videos of me as a child, i realized i was a brat. My mom still calls me a turd.
26. My favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice and Ever After... I love strong, pure, intelligent women.. and the 18th century Romantic Movement
27. I love Philosophy. I don't really know very much compared to studied philosophers, but the thinking intrigues me...
28. One day I want to go to Everest base camp.
29. God makes himself known to me everyday--he takes my breath away and its amazing.
30. I sometimes cry. (Because I am happy or sad)
31. I miss my perfect puppy Bailey so much. I am scared she won't love me anymore when I come home.
32. I love shoes, and coats, and scarfs...
33. I would always rather be underdressed than overdressed.
34. I don't really get stressed too easily and i am glad because stressful people work me out, and i would hate to do that to myself.
35. I love taking pictures, but I really rather dislike being in them.
36. Grandma is precious and hard-working and humble. She makes me laugh when she talks about her "suiters"
37. Nannie is crazy awesome and has a ton of interesting stories. I also hear she's the most popular person in Treemont--get it, Nannie! :)
38. I love the idea of fixing up my own house in some small Tuscan village, but in reality, I also just love my family and feel most Me when I am with them.
39. I have a secret obsession (not so secret anymore) with the medical field and one day hope to at least be a W-EMT...
40. I love how God uses people who are completely unaware of it to accomplish His purposes... I hope one day they can look back and see His hand in their life...
41. I am sick of talking politics over here... i used to thrive on it.. I'm over it for the time being...
42. I am obsessed with the Planet Earth Series... We have a creative God.
43. Linares feels a bit like home now.
44. I love how proper my sister eats. it's cute.
45. I am so not proper, but I sometimes wish I could be more graceful.
46. I am a klutz. I have admitted it to the world. Accidents and non-functioning electronics are just attracted to me.
47. I still wonder what I will be "when I grow up!" There's a huge world out there and I just wanna do my part to make it a little better.
48. I wish I really gave of myself to people. Jesus did this so well, and I still hold so much back for me.
49. I am an introvert.
50. I LOVE to learn new things. I could sit at the feet of interesting people for hours as they lecture. Knowledge is so cool to me, even if I recognize it can be a bit pointless, too.
51. I start things I don't finish. I really hate that.
52. I really want to love God, but I am still learning how.
53. I am going sky-diving.
54. i sometimes do thing just because I am not supposed to or people think I won't. I am a secret, or blatant, rebel.
55. My rebellion is most ardently displayed in my passive refusal to wear my seat belt on airplanes; i just cross it across my lap instead of buckle it! :)
56. I am so proud of my little sister for being ballsy enough to move to New York at age 19 and survive. She's amazing.
57. I love my mom's cough--I sometimes hear it here in Spain and I miss her.
58. My Dad is the best man I know. He works harder than anyone I have ever seen in my life.
59. NIka's a turd and her bark scares me. It really does.
60. I wish I knew my Grandaddy John... I think we would have really gotten along.
61. I want to go to Israel. I love the Jewish heritage in our Christian faith.
62. I wish I could salsa.
63. I don't like TV. It hurts my eyes and makes me feel icky.
64. I have Euros, Pounds, and Dollars in my wallet right now. That's dumb.
65. I really want to work in the Peace Corps, but the two-year commitment really freaks me out.
66. I am non-commital. I wish I could change this, but I just enjoy flexibility, even if it is kind of flighty sometimes.
67. I don't expect much from people, so sometimes I forget other people do expect more and then I feel bad. I wish I could be better. I am gonna try.
68. I am sure I am pretty hypocritical. I have probably done all the things that bother me most. bummer.
69. My mom has become super tender and sensitive in the past few years and I am convinced it's the Holy Spirit consuming her. That's cool.
70. I said I sometimes don't finish things I start... this is one of those things. I am done. But thanks for reading!

And that was enough "I"s for the next month or so...! :) Feels weird to talk about myself that much. I am kind of exposed.

71. I don't like to feel exposed.

The end.


  1. I LOVE THAT YOU GAVE ME 71 TIDBITS! By the way, I do not want you to go to Everest Base Camp. Your mom can live vicariously through Carson on the grandchildren thing... and you are a WAY better friend than you give yourself credit for.
    Te amo!

  2. yay :) i like to hear what's going on in that head/heart of yours! i miss our "dating days" back in high school loobs :) LOVE YOU!!! im happy you sound relatively happy!!!

  3. Ahhh...this is my favorite post ever...made me laugh and cry. Dad & I read it together...what a precious gift to see into that sometimes guarded heart and mind of yours. Thanks for your generosity, in so many aspects. We, too, felt so blessed to have you & Aubs home this Christmas and cannot wait to have time together again. You are so precious to both me and Daddy. We love you with all our hearts!

  4. From your Nannie,
    I just want the world of your blog to know that I love you and that I loved what you wrote. I can surely relate to some of it and I got to know some things about you that I did not know.My love to you and God's blessings, your Nannie