Thursday, October 8, 2009

Out of Egypt...

The Holy Lands....

Strollin' the Shore of the Sea of Galilee

A few pictures to get you started....

Fishing Boys at Alex, Egypt

Alexander the Great's Bathing Area at Alex, Egypt

Women and a Man at Alexandria, Egypt

The Harbor at Alex, Egypt

Parking Man at Cairo, Eqypt

Boy in Cairo, Egypt

Mountains of Sinai, Home of the Bedouin Tribe Jabale

Sunset Rocks on the Sea of Galilee

View of Tiberias from the Galilean Shore

Tower of David at David's City, Jerusalem, Israel

Flags of Jerusalem

Went to the Holy Lands. Found out they are called the Holy Land for a reason. Wow. Incredible. The Journey followed the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, thru Jordan and on into Israel. I loved the Galilee--and i am pretty sure I could spend the rest of my life in a kibbutz there (a community farm), but I guess we will have to wait and see what His plans are :)

There is so much to tell about this trip. I felt like my brain was swirling the entire time, trying desperately to soak it all in without missing anything. We did a lot of hiking and walking, which was wonderful experiencing the desert and the heat. Now I have a little more understanding why God led His people there. Before we left, our rabbi (group leader) advised us to compile a few answers to the "How was your trip?" question. A 30-second answer, 2-minute, 10-minute and 2+ hour answer.... He kept calling us investments and reminded us that everyone may not have the opportunity to go on a trip such as this, and it would be our responsibility and his hope, that when we return, we find a network with whom to share what we learned.

So I thought, what better place to develop and work through these answers than here... For the 2-hour answer, you may have to actually meet with me, or wait for subsequent posts. As I am still working through all the information, I will make more posts regarding the "faith lessons" and I will share them here.

To Begin:

How Was Your Trip (In 30 Seconds)
I came away with a completely new way of studying the text. WHen I place myself in the context in which it is written, everything makes so much more sense. Just as in literature, it is helpful the know the time and culture of when a certain book was written and who it was written for, this information is actually quite vital to understanding the Bible. I have a new commitment to putting in my heart the text and living everyday with a passion to God and Christ. I am more in love with God than I have ever been. Jesus has always been easier for me to love, but now, seeing God's great sublime mystery, and His incredibly crafted plan for His people, I am in absolute wonderment. God is Good.

So there is the 30 Second (If you read SUPER FAST!) MOre to come later... and there is SO MUCH MORE! BLessings...
Shema and Shalom...
in the dust of His steps,