Sunday, August 5, 2007

Aub and my trip in COLORADO!!!
August 4, 2007

I am moving to Spain in about a month and ten days! Here we go!

So, I have never had one of these things before, and never really even wanted one. But now, a new road has been paved before me--one that leads me far from home and on to new and exciting journeys I could have never imagined! Thank you first of all for caring about me enough to visit m ein this ridiculous cyberworld--and I wish more than anything that we could be sitting face to face having this presently one-sided conversation, but I will thank God non-the-less for this less than intimate communication He has allowed us. I don't exactly know what form this space will begin to take, but I ask for your prayers and support as I will come to appreciate the slightest imitation of home. I love you, and bless God for your presence in my life.

In The Dust of His Steps,