Sunday, November 25, 2007


09 October 2007- 11 October 2007
Beth, Audrey, Sandrine, Lizzie (Sandrine's French friend), Caroline, and Me (not pictured--picturing...)

For anyone who studied art or architecture, this city probably sounds a bit familiar. This is home of the Mezquita--a roman church turned Moorish mosque then again church. The deal with it is that it was kind of a sting to Christianity when the Moorish powers violently took Cordoba, gaining a strong foothold on southern Spain. there is an overhaul of Moorish influence, easily seen in the style of the Baroque Bell tower. yet it is has been revamped and restructured and incredibly well preserved-- to presently assume more of a conducive floor plan and design for Christian practices. Cordoba was a hub for conflict between the two religions during to Reconquest just before Elizabeth and Ferdinand and there is really so much history embedded in the story of the Mezquita. One of the most incredible things about it is that the story is actually visible in the structure of the building--you can see the clashing and merging of the two cultures.

The Baroque Bell Tower


At Night-from the other side of the river. I think Aladin lived here.

The Mezquita

Twisted Tree

A Flower in the Palace Gardens

Streets of Cordoba

Audrey in Green

Boys will be Boys

Christopher Columbus coming before Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdinand

These boots were made for walkin'... "Gramps" as I so affectionately call them, have seen their share of stompin' grounds.. they've been good to me; they deserve a shot out...

A band of boys, who for fun on the weekends, go around playing in various squares and plazas... they were really loving serenading"the ladies," they majority of whom were 14-year old starry-eyed espanolitas (little Spanish girls)

COrdoba was a great cultural center and a picturesque representation of Spanish history. Our group really didn't even do anything THAT wonderful or extravagant--as a matter of fact, Saturday night, we went out for falafel (a group favorite and requirement at least once a week) and then turned in to our hostal around 10:30... we just sat up laughing and being silly until about 3 am... just goes to show--not where you are or what you do, but really just who you are with. The more I travel, the more I am affirmed of my belief that it is not Westminster Abbey that makes London incredible, or the Collosium that you will always remember in Rome, but the people you can share those experiences with and look back one day and say, "Remember that? " And as incredible as these ancient structures and works of art are, they are stagnant and fixed, they can never REALLY interact with you. It is the connection you make with them that remains. Anyhow... the South of Spain is wonderful.... I still have pictures of Thanksgiving to put up, so be on the lookout--it was very special, so stay tuned! THanks again for reading! Love you all... In the dust...

Friday, November 23, 2007

You think you're ready for this?

And here it is....

Okay... so.. it has been a while. I have done a lot. I will "paraphrase" the past month or so, to use the term loosely. I will try to get a bunch of pictures on here to, since you know what They say, "a picture's worth...." Yeah, you got it.

Primero (First):
31 October - 4 November
Halloween in Madrid and Birthday in Rome!!

Halloween is a funny thing here. They don't REALLY celebrate it, but it is kinda pickin' up speed and has become a bit of a "trendy" holiday for the young in "in" crowd; however, there is no creativity in the apparel! There are ONLY the scream costumes (ghosts, draculas, frankensteins, dead people, etc.) Needless to say, my giant orange pumpkin from last year may not have been so well received in the swanky Madridian night spots. So I forwent my rebellious spirit of being a giant Whoopie Cushion and just wore black (duh) and a pink wig instead. Yes, I said pink. I bought if for 2 Euros, so leave me alone. All night I received broken references to that movie Closer. Apparently Natalie Portman wears a pink wig. I remember it now, of course. Too late... and i have no pictures. Sorry, first time in pink in 6 years, and no proof. love it. Anyhow, it ended up being a fun, LONG night... the next morning Kara and I flew out for ROOOOOME!!!!!

Roma.. wow.. everything I could have allowed myself to expect and more. It is a phenomenal city. And I was with some incredible chicas. Kara and I met up, our first night there with a girl, Becca, from ACU studying in Barcelona, I believe. Then, the next day, Erin (from London trip) and Carla Burger (hailing from the Marsielle-the south of France) tagged on. They also went to ACU, but are here studying, learning languages, people, the word--all Europe's got to offer! THey were AMAZING laid back travel partners. It really was a blast! It's kinda cool because the four of us (Kara, me,, Carla, and Erin) all knew each other in the States, but really never "hung out" together that much. But here, this experience has really brought us together and we already know bits and pieces of each other's lives from juicy info "through the grapevine"! It was just neat to take some time and look back on the year... 4 November 2006, I could have NEVER predicted I would be in Rome, living in Spain with these three girls! It was an amazing birthday, and definitely one for the books. On the timeline of life, there are all those tic marks and bolded phrases and even some in italics... this year would be in 22 font (compared to the rest in 12), bolded, BOOKMAN OLD STYLE all caps and underlined! It was a good year. Shoot--I think I may even make the tic mark extend a little longer than the rest. So here are pictures of this monumental trip! :)

I have so many, wish I could put them all, just can't...


Pretty Horses

Where's Waldo? You guessed it. He's not at the Trevi Fountain!

Seriously--I am going to find a group of Asian tourists one day that speaks English (or maybe Spainsh :) ) and ask them what they do that grants them extended holiday time all throughout the year? It is amazing to me... any country, any day... good lives...

Trevi at night.. don't miss out on this. It is a COMPLETLY different obra (work) at night.. outstanding...

Trevi again.. it boasts, "the most sumptuous fountain in Rome..." and it really is as incredible as everyone says...
And no--i didn't throw a coin in. I am sure enough of my return without superstition. Actually, I just forgot, but my return is nonetheless equally ensured!

Of Bikes and Men

Abandoned Rose on the Spanish Steps

Amazing.. this littl eboy had one of those awesome things (dont remember the name) but he did a complete 180 when he saw some kids playing with bubbles... Life can be so simple... it was neat...

I think I may try and live here. Looks like Candyland or something...

Pretty Food

I caught them in the act--oh the joys of walking detras (behind).. and, yes--the italians were beautiful people, and there was no problem observing this... (check out the girls' necks!)

Oh, don't mind us.. we are just walking in the middle of the street in Rome... I promise we normally observe traffic laws...

Yeah, we did... crazy cart--probably the most memorable hour of our trip... A-mazing!

I offered him 500 euros for the bike. He refused, so I then went for the car. Turns out, it wasn't his. So then I just asked for a ride on his bike. That wasn't his either. Too bad.

Pretty Rome: Everywhere you look, the view is spangled with antiquity. Phenomenal really.

This really was a blast-- a MUST for anyone who goes there...

Some friends we met from the hostal-- there are my ACU friends, too--Carla, Erin, Kara, y Yo! :)

more to come.. this is all the bloggin i have in me for meow. thanks for reading..