Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life's Like That, yeah...

Oh, sometimes cheesy pop punkers do say it best (referring to Avril Lavigne). Anyhow-- for most of you that would be reading this, you most certainly already know that I have relocated back to the good 'ole Red White and Blue. It is truly a blessing to be back. I loved every moment I was in Spain, and there are t=days when I still miss it so much it hurts, but I could not be more thankful for the time being here has afforded me to spend with friends and family. I am so blessed.

So, here's the run-down on la vida... Working at Houston Crating with the Pops. Loving it because I am a nobody there, as far as what I really offer the company (meaning I have no real skill sets besides making pretty letterhead and Excel spreadsheets) but I am learning a lot quickly. It's nice, the position I am in because I am, like I said, doing pretty entry-level work, but I am really getting a view of the business from the top, considering I live with the owner. I am not embarrassed or ashamed to ask him any question and we ride to and form work together (actually I drive my dad!) so we discuss the things that are taking place everyday. It's pretty cool. Not something I really ever foresaw myself in, but I am truly loving the learning-the-business aspect of it all.

It's funny, because in the export crating industry, it is rare to find a young, college-educated girl. This industry thrives more on experience than diplomas, so whenever I show up in a truck to deliver a crate, I am always greeted with the most interesting reactions. Knights in shining armor everywhere--trying to hold doors, carry boxes for me, say yes ma'am and the works, although I am almost certain if we were put in any other sphere of encounter, these gestures would be far from occurrence! Oh, he delights of my job!

Every thursday I go to dinner with some girls from ACU. We meet up at a different local each week and catch up. And we seem to always have the most colorful waiters! Our first week was my choice--we went to Sake, a sushi place uptown and.. I am gonna have a hard time capturing this one, but our waiter was the most dramatic, outspoken, overly catering and equally rude man I have ever encountered! He was such a mix! Example--Jessica is not much of a sushi eater, and wanted to go for something safe, chicken skewers. He actually reprimanded her and told her she was not getting a good deal for her money. When she stuck with her guns because she knew what she wanted, he just haughtily jotted her order down on his note pad, pursed his lips and said, "O-kaaay, whatever" as he gave an exasperated exhale! WHAT?!?! Who does that. Then he moved to unfold each of our napkins like a Spanish bullfighter and smooth them over our laps! So strange. And this is merely one episode our our weird waiter acquaintances!

My Nannie and George, along with my parents are going to Vegas this weekend. Not cool. I am here in The Ville baby-sitting puppies and they get to see the Cris Angel show. Nannie likes Cris a lot. I mean a lot. She will tell you-that Holly (yes, the Playmate) is no good for him. She has plans in the works to steal him during her stay in the City of Lights, I am sure. I think that is why she really wants to go to vegas. not gonna lie--i think my spitfire Nannie has a shot! :) Go get 'em, girl.

And finally--I am taking art lessons with my Aunt Leana. She is great, and a really talented artist. SHout out to her--HOLLLAAA ! haha. just kidding. But you guys should check out her stuff. SHe's got skillz :)
I am doing color wheels with oil paints and wasting paper with my nonsense drawings and paintings, but she is patient and I actually am learning. Whether I am getting any better or not is a different issue, however! I mean--art runs in my blood. I sure hope i didn't get completely shafted. I figure I have it in me somewhere--its just a matter of finding it---even if it does turn out to be Crayola crayons :)

Oh, and Bailey. How i am LOVING being with my perfect precious pup again! She is adorable and I have fallen in love all over! I can't wait til we go to Colorado again this summer (Year 7 for me! Crazy!). She is kinda fat and is such a food hound! The girl will do ANYTHING for a treat. She can be seemingly dead asleep, lights out on the couch and maybe someone on TV says the word "Treat" and she about concurs whiplash jerking her body to attention so quickly. She can be anywhere in the house, yet hear the rustling of plastic or shaking of food and she is within a foot of the sound peering up desperately as if she hasn't eating in a week within seconds! She has a talent, I tell you.

Well, that is about all. Oh, the people at Starbuck's are starting to greet me on a first name basis and ask relevant personal questions from day-to-day. I am pretty sure that's bad. Once all my giftcards I have been collecting over the past 2 years run out, I may go through a period of withdraw. I will keep you updated on that. I just can't allow myself to consume 5 dollars of liquid in 20 minutes no matter how good it tastes. Well, that's a lie. I can. But I still need to give up SBs once I run out of them cards! Love you all and thanks for reading. Blessings, *B