Thursday, April 17, 2008

La Corrida

The Stadium



Enrique Ponce (he's pretty famous in these parts)

Well, there was a bullfight (una Corrida) in my town of Linares, so Audrey, Caroline and I decided we had to go and could not miss this completely cultural experience! Well, we entered through some side door, not really sure how we did it, but we were with all the Matadors before the run! They were decked out in their traditional gear (their pants were SOOOO tight, i don't even know how they breathed!) But it really was so incredible to see them there right before they were about to go dance with the bulls.

So--I really wasn't too educated in Bullfighting--all the rules and such, but I learned a lot there. There are actually different types--the Picadores ride on horses and fight the bull mounted! This for was particularly incredible to me because the man and the horse really seemed to just move as one--the horse was so obedient to his master even afront to face of a snorting, angry bull! I was amazed! Also, I wasn't really aware that the bull actually died. I thought it was more like a game of "run away from the mad bull!" But no-- they stab it throughout the fight until it keels over. I actually cried the first few bulls because I had never seen anything like that. I honestly didn't really like the feeling too much, but it was an experience I really was glad to have--mainly for cultural sake regardless or my moral beliefs towards the sport. Also, the men don't really so much "fight" the bull... it is more like a superbly elegant dance-- I think it is more art than sport, although I am sure the man standing in front of the bull would disagree! Anyhow.. I am glad I went, and it was especially unique because it was right here in my own town at the bullring I walk past everyday. When I was there, I couldn't help but be reminded that I am indeed in Espana!