Sunday, January 6, 2008


A new year, accompanied by new realizations... It is truly not until you are away from something that you can appreciate what you had... Coming home for Christmas was such a blessed experience--and being back here in Spain only makes me value what I have back in the US even more. I have a beautiful loving family, who cares for me and knows me and loves me for exactly who I am.. No pretense; just me... We laugh together, act silly together, pray together, and even get annoyed with each other (but with each meeting, even this is diminished due to our increased appreciation for our special, short reunions). Anyhow, with whatever beautiful, growing, or exciting experiences I have here, they are only this wonderful because I know I have a home I can return to.

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  1. will you post some more pictures either of spain or your time at home so that i can feel a part of your life? love you my beautiful spaniard.