Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I praise You for this day...

It is beautiful outside today—the warm sun glinting against my skin and the blue cloudless skies offering thousands of opportunities for the day ahead. The unseasonably balmy weather warms my spirit as it warms the earth below. I hear the soft rustling of the leaves of the oak tree behind me. The ever-so-faint breeze blows tenderly through the expiring leaves as to set a soft, rhythmic pace for the day. The grass dramatically distends its tips to the sky above stretching from a dark night’s rest and I notice the brilliant yellow shade of this morning. The sun has draped the earth in its curtains of sunlight staining it a glorious hue of vivid individuality. A murky puddle from a night’s rain wadding in the sunken earth is transformed into a blinding sheet of golden glory. A hazy layer of glitter tickles the distant horizon marking the meeting of earth and sky. I close my eyes and I can smell the freshness of the regeneration of the morning. The virgin sun infuses my nostrils with its intoxicating sense of renewal and freedom. As I sit on a bench on my front porch, I intentionally tune in to the taste of the sun breaking free from the night’s captivity in the distant east. The humidity from the atmosphere gives the sense of water on my palette as I seep air through an imaginary straw between my lips. I hear the light pitter-patter of my dog, Bailey, as she skates across the sidewalk welcoming the morning with a raised nose. As she lays on the warm concrete soaking the heat of the sun into her black coat, I hear the jingle of her collar as it meets the rough ground. As she lazes in serenity, I embrace the sudden urge to feel my skin against the heated ground. As I repose, I experience the unadulterated tranquility of nature’s ritual. Every morning, the world welcomes the approaching day with a faint breeze, a morning dew, a cold chill, or gloomy and tumultuous clouds. It was my privilege to witness this day’s arrival—a stimulation for my senses and an arousing of my soul.

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