Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm still on this side...

Ronda is DREAMY!

Well, hello, Readers...

So--this past weekend we had Puente for Dia de Andalucia... a puente is a Thursday and Friday break from work (and school), so Caroline, my roommate and I decided to go to Torremolinos, which is just outside Malaga and take a day trip to Ronda.. a beautiful city about an hour inland with a breath-taking bridge and the oldest bullring in Spain. Pablo Romero, considered the father of modern bull-fighting, developed the modern rules in this arena. July-October are the bullfights, so we weren't actually able to see a fight in the ring, but we were allowed to go inside and play on the field and walk through the stands and tour the museum. The museum was extremely interesting because it housed old weapons and costumery of the torros and torreros (bulls and bullfighters), but also, it had quite and extensive rifle exhibit and a specific section on the history of the Duel (Western style duels)... there are actually codes to a duel--it is not just something that happens in old western films... I may be a little late to this news flash, but I just thought it was extremely interesting because there is even a philosophical essay on Duel Ethics from what you should wear, the terms of the revolvers, distances, shots fired, and even standing and sitting positions... it was just kind of crazy to me to realize that when someone's pride was offended, this was actually a socially acceptable way of dealing with the issue. Anyhow, we saw some pretty incredible vistas (sights) throughout the day, but maybe one of the greatest things was that I was in a tank top! It is getting warmer here and I LOVE it! It was just a nice relaxing weekend with beach, a lot of bus riding and one other thing which I must relate....

So.. Caroline and I were pretty fond of just walking up and down the sea walk in Torremolinos, and one night we walked so far, we actually ended up in the neighboring town... but it was there that we discovered AUTHENTIC TEX-MEX!!!! We decided we simply MUST eat there, so we returned the next night with fermented appetites, pre-set to some long overdue tacos and guacamole! We wanted more than just one thing, so we shared a MASSIVE mound of nachos with queso cheese, refried beans, pico, sour cream.. mmmmmmmmm.. you don't even understand- I am salivating even as I recant! Then, we also shared the Santa Fe salad with more avacado, thinly sliced chicken, a wonderful salsa dressing, pineapple, cucumber slivers, and other wonderful jewels, which I can't presently recall. Anyhow, it was WONDERFUL...!! I felt right at home... kind of an eerie feeling, actually to be getting a whole mean, a whole Texan-size and style meal, on coastal Spain!

So great weekend! Also, a group of exchange students from Christchurch, England and two of their professors came to IES Hermanos Media Revilla for an exchange program about 2 weeks ago.. We had a great time with the students and a lot of fun with the two professors, as well. The students were incredibly well-behaved and respectful, which was really so refreshing... We were able to do a few 'touristy' things with them, too, so you will see some photos from the trip here, as well... Well, thanks again for reading... we will catch up more later... love you all!

Another breath-taking view of Ronda... it really was straight out of a movie or dream or something...

The famous "Puente Viejo" (or Old Bridge) in Ronda.. there is a long path (pictures below) that you take down, down, down to get to this picturesque look-out point... it was a great place to soak up some some, take some fotos, take a rest, and eat some golsinas (treats)!

Heaven might look something like this.

Caro and I playing in the Bullring! We had the entire stadium to ourselves for almost 20 minutes--it was GREAT! Then three groups, each consisting of about 30 people, of German, French, and Dutch nationality rained in on our make-believe torro fight! too bad...

Caro caught me sunbathing on the bleachers of the stadium! We just had to soak up all the sun there was! I LOOOVE the heat!

Loving life together in the oldest bullring in Spain

Because I just had to.

Some kinda artsy ones on the path down to the Miradora Puente (Bridge Look-out)

Caro being the little Modela she is!

I was just messing around in the crag of the rock, but Caro had her camera goin' like we were on a photoshoot!


  1. beautiful! i love your long long hair and bangs! you're the prettiest girl in spain! love you!

  2. me tooo. i seriously wish we could come visit!!! it's flipping beautiful there! tell "caro" hi :) you loober <3

    ps- thanks for stayiing in touch even though you're overseas. it's awesome. i apprec. VERY much!!!!