Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dispatches from the East Side (which is still considered West...)

Well.... today I will tell you a little tale of a cooking robot. Yes, I already know what you are probably thinking. What could a cooking robot (which doesn't even exist in our conscience of reality) have to do with Spain? Well, just hold your horses because you are about to find out. So.. Miguel Angel is my incredibly gracious, fluent, Type A to the umph degree, straight-laced boss. He is great and is really a brilliant teacher; however he is extremely meticulous and speaks very formal British English with a mezcla (mix) of a British Spaniard. He takes me to work every morning and every morning greets me with the same accent I have come to know so well, "Good morning, Brittney. How do you do today?" And I respond with the usual (and casual, "I am doing great; and how are you doing?" Normally responded to with general formalities of the previous night's events and any topics to discuss relating to classes. Well, this one morning, I was in for a lot more than the norm. I didn't even see it coming. This all ensued just before Christmas, so he was informing me of His Christmas purchases when he so boldly and proudly pronounced to me the gift he had just purchased for his wife: a cooking robot. He said this with such assurance that I should certainly know what this was, but the only image I could muster in my mind was Rosie, the maid/robot from the Jetson's. I was certain he was just kidding (which he doesn't do often, and when he does they are somewhat awkward jokes just as this where you are left quite uncertain whether you should laugh or just say, "uh huh."). As I began my "that was an awkward joke, but I know I should laugh out of respect" laugh, I realized he was not kidding. He had bought his wife a 900 euro cooking robot (which he did not hesitate informing us of the price of this most coveted kitchen commodity). So my boss has bought his wife a robot. In my mind, this does not exist. There must be something being lost in translation. But it is not so. He further explains that "this robot makes ANYTHING. You just stick the food in it, and it comes out brilliant! It can make lemonade, and paella, and smoothies. You just put the ingredients in, and it does everything!" The way he kept saying "it" kind of freaked me out a bit like this was some form of artificial intelligence. As he further explains, I get the idea that he dropped 900 euros on a fancy food processor. I just am not quite sure what to think of this! Then, the best part comes. He is not "allowed" to use the machine until he is properly trained. There is a "robot meeting" that he will be having after Christmas that I am invited to. A sales representative will be coming from Madrid to show the machine and make some "delicious" meals. The party hasn't gone down yet, but I can't wait to discover what Miguel's Magical Cooking Robot does at his Cooking Robot Party!

And here are some pictures from since I have been back---

The clan out for Chinese in Linares (Chinese food is in every country I have been to so far)

Femke, Beth, and Auds out for tapas at Casa Miguel

Auds in the Rain (check out that fully functioning umbrella!)

Caroline and Auds takin' on Linares one Red Bull Light at a time.

Salah, one of Beth's AMAZING Moroccan flatmates that is gonna take us to his home in Morocco!!

Caro and Femkita in deep discussion at Long Rock

Mari Carmen (my flatmate) that acted like she hated this photoshoot, but I know she secretly loved it!!

Making Migas ( a mashed and then grilled bread dish with peppers, garlic, olive oil, and other things) at a professor's house

More Migas--gotta work for that food!


  1. yay for pics! and actually REALLYYY excited to find out what the heck this cooking robot is!!! brian is obsessed with cooking and maybe someday if we get rich i can buy him one! ha :) i love you! tell all of your Linares-Friends that your Texas-Friend-Rox says hi! :)

    miss you

  2. hooray! i always get excited when you update! put pictures up of YOURSELF sometime! :) we miss your face! love you!