Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Movin into Life...

Well.... it has now been just over three weeks... quick overview:

Week 1:
In Madrid with Kara recovering from jetlag--spent most of my time reading, walking and adjusting to life in a new country.

Week 2:
Noche de Blanca from previous blog
Go to Linares (in Andalucia where I am living and teaching) for the first time to check out the scene.

Week 3:
Go to Granada for my Orientation and meet over 800 crazy young people doing the exact same thing as me all over Spain--and I thought I was unique! :) I met some amazing people there and contacts all over the region I am living in, so we can visit eachother in different places and really take advantage of all spain has to offer! Also, I got to stay with my old lifegaurd coach and her precious family who are stationed in Granada for right now. Her family is really adorable and it was so nice to get a sense of "family" for a bit! I also was able to go to the Ahambra... it was so incredible.. breathtaking views and we went aroufd 5.00 when to sun was dark and warm... it was amazing, but I deleted the pictures accidentally... youll hear about that again later...
Head to Linares for my first week of work! I absolutely love it here. It is a lot smaller and I can already tell my Spanish is going to have a really funky accent--the Jaenians (natives in the region where i live) are know for their super thick accent all over Spain!

This weekend:
It was Kara-my friend whom I came here with and is in Madrid--had her birthday Oct.8th, so for her birthday weekend, I went to see her in Madrid! Not only did I see her in Mardid, but Saturday we flew out to London to go see the Damien Rice concert (one of our favorite artists!) Well, that weekend, it just so happened that a friend that we met on a the train in London as we stepped off the plane originally in London, was coming to Madrid on his EuroTour, so he stayed with Kara, which made for even more birthday fun! I had a ton of pictures of all this, but I somehow deleted them and dont really want to talk about it because I am sad! :)

In London, we met up with Erin Wilson, a friend from school who is doing her master's work in Scottland (brainy), and made the most of our time there. It really was a blast! We went to Harrod's High Tea--something Kara has always wanted to do, and even though I haven't done much there, that was definitely my favorite thing so far! The teas were so incredible! (and all the food, of course!)
Well, then we left Harrod's aorund 5:00 only to discover the Tube was down, so our means of transportation was drained. We spent the following our trying to get a taxi, only to see one passing every 5 seconds, and of course, occupied!!! So frustrating.. we finally got one, and it took us over an hour to get to the concert becasue of traffic... we were late for DAMIEN!! aghh!!! bummer, btu the rest of the night we spent tooting around the town and eating at MCDONALDS ( I know-death) because Kara and my flight left at 6:40 that morning, so we didnt book a hostal and just planned on taking our time back to the aiport! We spent quite a while at the major train station there.. those Brits are crazy! ALl of it was such an adventure!

I am back in Linares, thankful to feel stationed here for the next 2 weeks or so... Actually, I woke up for work today, and saw Ihad developed a stye (spelling) in my eye... my bss sent me home (to the local hospital, actually) after only my second class of the day... I had to go to the emergency room becasue I dont have a residence card yet, but a lot of people do that-its how the system works here becuase it is a socialist type system.... anyhow, that, too was an experience because I didnt know the medical terms and such, btu everyone was so sweet becasue they could see I was really tring (and I think they felt bad because I have only been here in Linares for a week now!) Anyow... I think i am probably ready for a siesta... have a great one everybody!! Thanks for reading!


  1. awesome! I miss you more than you know! I got my camera today so we can skpe soon! Call me!

  2. Britt...loved your updated pics of you, Erin & Kara! Loved the hats! Looking like you are having a blast...makes me happy! Aub is such a dork...she did the same thing as me--posted a comment on YOUR sign-in name, making it seem like you are writing YOURSELF! Ha ha! I will tell her to sign up for her own account (like mother, like daughter). I miss you bunches and love you even more, Mom

  3. wow, sounds like you are having an incredible time! what an amazing experience. i love you so much, miss you even more, and pray for you every day! YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE AN AUNT!!!

  4. (From Daddy)
    Dear Britt,
    I finally was able to call you from my cell phone today; it was so good to hear your voice! I promise I'll call more often now that I know how. I hope your eye feels better soon. Mom & I just got thru' reading your entire blog...it's really fun being able to see everything that you're doing. Keep adding to your blog, and we'll keep reading! We'll see you in December!!! Love, Daddy

  5. so i just joined to write on your blog wall. i miss you and you seem so happy. your blog is good. keep putting up pictures, it seems beautiful there. love you!